Application Development and Management

Development in Java Technologies

In recent years Java technology has achieved mainstream appeal and acceptance among risk-averse and cost-conscious enterprises, and Java has become a predominant technology of choice for building distributed, network-enabled applications.

During the past couple of years, Cerebra has leveraged its rich delivery & R&D experience; combined it with skill set of its development partners. Cerebra and its partners develop solutions to business problems for clients using Java as the core technology.

  • Application Development - J2EE architecture development/assessment
  • Build and deploy robust, scalable, and extensible Internet architectures for transaction intensive, mission critical applications
  • Application Integration Assessing and recommending appropriate EAI/BPI technologies/designs for Java based solutions
  • Build integration solutions using Java integration/Web service technologies
  • Portfolio Migration moving from legacy platforms to Java platforms and upgrade the older versions of Java components to the newer versions

Development in Microsoft Technologies

.NET evolved to be a super-set of a number of existing technologies built on a new platform. The .NET platform builds and improves upon previous architectures like DNA, and adds greater support for distributed and scalable applications through disconnected data access, HTTP-based message transport, and file-copy based deployment. .NET technology will drive the Next Generation Internet in a cost effective way.

Cerebra uses .NET technology to help businesses to quickly and flexibly integrate with systems, and develop dynamic applications, without being bogged down by system compatibility issues. Our service offerings are:

  • Migration of existing applications and portals onto Microsoft .NET platform.
  • Application development with flexibility to add more functionality by means of modules
  • Building highly scalable object oriented distributed applications
  • Mobile Applications development - developing .NET applications to support mobile/handheld devices.
  • Develop, deploy and upgrade Enterprise applications through .NET framework, design patterns, and reusable objects
  • SQL Server Reporting Services - supporting a wide range of common data sources (OLE DB, ODBC etc) as well as multiple output formats

Development in Open Source Technologies

Competencies in several open source technologies like PHP, Perl, Drupal, Joomla, JBoss, Jakarta Struts Framework, Hibernate, Spring framework, Apache Tomcat, etc

Development in Embedded Software Technologies

Cerebra offers Embedded Software Services for the development and integration of the Real-Time Software that resides below the application layer of the hardware chosen. Over years, Cerebra has gained expertise in developing Board Support Packages and Device Drivers, porting third party middleware and protocols, and complete integration with the hardware and real-time operating system. We offer consulting services for embedded C/C++ development, and we also work with industry leading embedded software and hardware vendors to ensure the success of client's endeavor with product development. Our engineers have extensive experience in datacom, PowerPC, Real-Time Operating Systems and control networks.

If you would like an in-depth discussion of your application development requirements with us, please contact us.