Oracle Applications 11i Upgrades

To achieve best performance and constantly leverage the best practices in the industry, Oracle Applications Upgrade is a must. As most installations of Oracle Applications are customized to some extent, this has become a time-consuming and high-risk activity.

Cerebra de-risks your key concerns associated with an Upgrade of Oracle Applications install. You can achieve 60% reduction in your upgrade costs by utilizing our Upgrade solutions. We help customers meet the above challenges and derive continued value and benefits from their investments through a spectrum of post implementation and upgrade services. Cerebra Offshore Development Center (ODC) of Excellence executes several Upgrade projects. Cerebra’ Upgrade solutions ensure:
  • Business continuity for mission critical applications.
  • Reduction in downtime during production cutover.
  • Removal of unnecessary customizations.
  • Integration with new and existing systems.
  • Effective Upgrade and migration of data (transactions and setup).
  • Change management with respect to people, processes and technology.

Our Service Offerings Cerebra gives you the choice amongst:

  • Minimum Upgrade (a Technical Upgrade to 11i covering only the most important customizations)
  • Common Upgrade (Upgrade to 11i eliminating redundant customizations and leveraging newer tools like workflow, data model and service architecture)

Cerebra provides Upgrade and migration services across all Oracle Applications modules and technology platforms.

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