Oracle Member Partner

Cerebra consistently demonstrated their commitment to Oracle by becoming a member partner. Cerebra and Oracle provide customers around the world with industry-leading solutions and services. When a customer chooses an Cerebra solution or service, they are deploying the reliability, security, availability, and scalability of Oracle, plus the extended power of a partner that works hand-in-hand with Oracle, and provides for specific functional area, market, or industry needs.
OAUG Oracle Configurator SIG

The Oracle Configurator SIG is open to all users of the Oracle Configurator software. This special interest group is composed entirely of volunteers, charges no membership dues and is constantly seeking new members. We hope you will plan to attend one of our SIG Meetings to meet other SIG members and share your knowledge and concerns.

The SIG is centered around both OAUG and AppsWorld along with quarterly conference calls. The group consists of all different types of users, those with much experience and those who have not yet begun implementing Oracle Configurator. It's a forum for Oracle Configurator users so that they can share "lessons learned" and their successful implementations.
SAP America : Implementation Partner

Cerebra demonstrated their commitment to SAP by becoming an Implementation Partner.

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